Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the twilight series as interpreted by Oona bean

Back in September I wrote about my bipolar prednisone experience and my thoroughly bad decision to let Oona watch all the Twilight movies through Breaking Dawn Part 1. Hell, my decision was so bad we now own all the movies except the last one. Well, horrific Rosemary's Baby/Alien birthing scene be damned, Oona is hooked on the Twilight series. So much so that I bought her the boxed set for Christmas. And yes, I realize she's seven but she is a pretty precocious reader and with her Twilight passion I assume that might be even more of a reading impetus. Now I've read that Stephanie Meyer is a mormon so, I realize that I might be making a huge generalization, but I'm assuming there isn't a lot of sex in the writing. I haven't read these books so someone please correct me if I'm wrong in this thinking. And even if Oona is a good reader these are really fat books so I figure she won't get to Breaking Dawn until she's older, hopefully ten?

Anyhoo, I came across Oona's notebook, it's her diary of sorts where she writes all these brilliant stream of seven year old consciousness things that are really poetic, funny and lovely to come across. So I flipped open the book while cleaning her room the other day and came across her illustrative interpretation of the Twilight series and I couldn't stop laughing. I absolutely love these pictures and sort of stepping inside her mind and seeing what was salient about the films to her, apparently New Moon and Eclipse didn't register at all, not real surprising given that she's more into the romantic storyline than all the fighting
The first film Oona watched, yes we did do things in order, and where her love for
Edward & Bella began. To be fair, Oona also loves Alice, I think because
she embraces all things girly, which is what Oona does too.
She's really got Kristen Stewart's acting down here
Probably my favorite, Bella attacks mountain loin, she's vamped her up with the red eyes.
Although her thinking the daughter's name is Ranasberry is pretty great too.

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